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Utah Fitness Expert and Celebrity Fitness Trainer “Unleashes” Shocking Fitness Solutions…
Dispelling myths and fraudulent claims that, “Weight Loss Experts” perpetrate on the masses, while making countless “Millions”.

The Truth About Fitness

The “Truth” is finally revealed about the simple proven science and technology of “Fat Loss”, The “Truth” to “Weight Loss”… You will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!

Lifetime Weight Loss Expert, Health & Fitness Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor and Personal Empowerment Coach from Utah Teaches you how to ‘kick-start’ your metabolism, gain muscle, burn body fat and develop an Arsenal of Educational Tools and Motivation…

  • Even if, You my friend have Less-than-average Genetics…
  • Even if, You’ve never succeeded at losing weight before…
  • Even if, You have stubborn fat-deposits and even most importantly, if your current body-chemistry, body-system function or hormone balance is out of whack…

Right Here, Right Now, you’ve found the Fat Loss Success System You’ve been looking for!!!

“KREATE Fitness” (KF) is a fat burning success program, available in our state-of-the-art facilities and via Internet and phone coaching, jam-packed with all the fat loss methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best athletes, fitness pros and physique builders. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to help you shed body fat permanently without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements.

First, Let Me Ask You A Couple Of Questions...

Have You Ever Achieved Any Permanent Weight Loss Or Fitness Goal? If The Answer Is Yes, Read No More, If You Answered No, Than... You Have To Ask Yourself Why! Is It That You Believe In A Quick Fix, A Magic Pill? Should Substantial Results Come From Little Effort?

Here’s An Amusing One For You... Isn’t Dr. Phil A Lawyer? How About... Would You Take Your Injured Child To An Accountant For Surgery? We All Know Nothing Worthwhile Is Easy, Anything Of Value Requires Hard Work And Life Is The Journey, Not The Destination...Right? OK... Now Let’s Get Real!!!

Is Your Current Diet (the way you eat) Burning Fat or Making You Fatter? Most people make the same lethal dietary mistakes, a reduction of calories (starvation) causing a temporary loss of body weight. But what is really happening is you are depriving your body of much needed nutrients, which in turn slows your metabolism, resulting in the reality of actually becoming fatter and further destroying your metabolic capabilities. Your body is just way too smart for any of those run-of-the-mill, ‘deprivational’ diets to ever work!

You can’t fool an intelligent, metabolic or hormonal system that is the effect of thousands of years of evolution… You have to work with your metabolism, not against it!

If there were pills or supplements that rally increased fat loss to any noticeable degree and if diets really worked then why are there more overweight people today than ever before in history? Wouldn’t everybody be leaner or possibly happier? Go back, read that last sentence again, and really think about it.

Deep In Your Heart, You Know The Answer… You’ve Been Misled, My Friend! In the year 2003, Americans spent more than $80 BILLION on diets and weight loss products! According to the Nutrition Business Journal, the supplement industry reached an all time high of $19.1 billion in sales in the year 2002. 1,100 different manufacturers produce about 20,000 different products, which are consumed by over 100 million people!

With billions at stake, these greedy fat-cat supplement and weight loss companies will tell you anything to get you to buy their less-than-effective products. They’ll even lie right to your face! And the fact that the industry is so loosely regulated allows them to get away with murder!

Listen, For 18 years, I’ve searched everywhere for the secret to fat loss just like you’re doing now, so I understand what it feels like to blow hard earned money on some stupid pill, powder, cream or diet program and end up with nothing to show for it. I wasted thousands of dollars and was frustrated and discouraged for years before I finally discovered what really worked, and believe me…

The Diet Systems Most People Are Using DON’T WORK! More Than 95% of All People Who Lose Weight Gain it All Back!!!

Americans are fatter than ever and they’re going to keep getting fatter unless they do something about it! The Surgeon General and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tell us that more than 130 million Americans. 67% of the adult population is overweight!

Statistics from the CDC also prove that the problem is getting worse. This means that the way people are dieting today is not only ineffective, it’s less effective than ever before!


Because it’s Physiologically Impossible to Lose Fat The Way, Most People Are Trying To Do IT!

You may have heard about us (Synergy Fitness Systems) on the radio, seen us on television, in advertisements or in print articles, in the mail or the numerous magazines in which our programs or myself have appeared or perhaps, you may have caught us on the Internet. I, (Kurt Lee Hurley) have written over 116 articles on nutrition, fat loss and fitness and you can find my articles featured on several websites worldwide! I have a BS Degree in exercise science and I’ve previously received 9 prestigious personal trainer certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) etc…

Another thing, and this is imperative, I’m a “lifetime natural” physique builder. “Natural” means I’ve never used steroids or any other physique/physiological enhancing drugs, ever! You can achieve AMAZING results on this program without ever taking drugs…and I’m living proof.

After 18 Years and Thousands of Meticulous Work Hours Later, I Made Some Amazing, and Some Atrocious Discoveries
After a lifetime’s investment into my personal passion (this appointed calling), the first thing that I discovered was that almost everybody is getting ripped off by the monster supplement companies, after all, most people do not do the necessary research, where their health is concerned.

I also learned that most magazines are nothing more than “supplement catalogs” and that dishonest, marketers will audaciously tell you anything to make a quick dollar. The diet, health club and supplement industries are filled with corrupt marketing predators that are getting rich by preying on your fears, hopes and aspirations. Unfortunately, there’s been no way of protecting yourself from becoming a victim of these ruthless scam artists, until now…

The second thing I discovered is that almost everyone is so completely ‘off the mark’ in the way they diet to lose body fat. In fact, the way you’re dieting to lose weight might be severely damaging your metabolism. Again, You Have Been Misled!!!

When I finally figured out what was going on in the weight loss and supplement industries, I was livid, my heart was crushed...my altruistic nature had been pummeled, so I decided I had to do something about it! After a long, exhaustive time period of soul searching, I reached clarity, a laser-focused lucidity; it was like the answers were floating above my head. So, I emptied everything out of my head onto paper and began coaching and empowering people, using this proprietary new fat loss system that I had developed and entitled… The “KREATE Fitness” Program..

K-R-E-A-T-E: Kinetic-Restructuring and Executable-Activity Training and Empowerment.

Now, for the first time ever, the same fat burning system that has helped in excess of a thousand of my personalcoaching alumnae slash their body fat literally in half is available to you in an understandable, enlightening and informative program. Introducing “The Kreate Fitness Program”: A Complete Fat Burning System Based on the Secret Techniques of The World’s Best Athletes and Fitness Pros. Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn when you Subscribe to or Attain Your Copy of “The Kreate Fitness Program”
  • Why there’s so much conflicting advice on training and nutrition and how you can save money by learning to instantly recognize marketing/profiting hype, false advertising, phony weight loss claims and B.S.
  • Why 95% of all diets fail…and the exact, detailed steps you must take to be in the successful 5% (and stay there).
  • Why it’s physiologically impossible for conventional diets to ever work…unless you know this one simple, but amazingly effective trick! It’s a metabolism-saver for chronic dieters and it’s one of the first things I would teach you if you were one of my personal coaching clients.
  • The top twelve worst foods you should never eat.
  • The top twelve best foods you should eat all the time.
  • How to break through any fat loss plateau, even if you’ve been stuck at the same weight for years! 10 foolproof methods that work like magic every time.
  • Why dieting below your critical calorie (caloricdeprivation) level, can cause serious damage to your metabolism and actually make you fatter! (and how to know when you’re in the danger zone)…also, the precise calculations for your optimal calorie level (it’s different for everyone, use someone else and you’ll fail).
  • Why eating certain “good” fats can actually speed up fat loss and increase your energy levels…and precisely how much of them you need for optimal effects (it’s a fine line…eating too much fat really IS bad for you and really DOES turn into body fat!).
  • Why this one group of foods will almost never be stored as body fat (also…how to take maximum advantage of other “negative calorie foods”).
  • How to accelerate your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting, human inferno.
  • Easy to use metabolic-boosting techniques revealed!
  • How food manufacturers are getting away with murder by deceitfully misleading you on nutrition labels.
  • Learn the TWO crucial places you must look on a food label to make sure the wool’s not being pulled over your eyes! (one of them is almost always ignored).
  • Why counting total grams of fat is an archaic weight loss technique, and what you should do instead.
  • How to eat 50% more calories without storing an ounce as fat, It’s true, you can actually eat more food while losing more fat using this simple but often overlooked strategy!
  • The #1 reason why most people can’t lose the last 20 to 25% of abdominal fat and how you can lose it with ease…and (if you want to), go even further and get hyper-ripped and rock-hard like a bodybuilder or fitness model.
  • Important lessons you can learn from the Zone and Atkins diet…including the reasons why most people fail on both of these diets in the long run.
  • What the supplement companies hope you never find out about powdered and liquid meal replacement drinks
  • A simple method to increase the fat burning effects of your cardio workout by up to 300%.
  • The bodybuilder’s secret fat burning weapon (this is why the lean bodybuilders keep getting leaner the way the rich keep getting richer.
  • The one food combination that you should Never, Ever eat, break this rule and you’re guaranteed to pack on lumps of ugly fat so fast you’ll wonder what hit you! (and everybody’s doing it!)
  • Which body type classification you are and how to eat right for your body type (if you’re eating wrong for your body type, you can forget about losing any body fat no matter how hard you train or how strictly you diet).
  • The fundamental sin of nutrition almost everyone is guilty of, which causes your muscle to shrink right before your eyes, while also slowing down your thyroid and decreasing your metabolic rate.
  • How to boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible, almost instantly! (you’ll notice the difference the very first day).
  • The #1 most effective way to burn body fat even (if you could only make one change to your current diet program, this would be it!)
  • Dozens of the best-kept fat loss secrets of bodybuilders, athletes and fitness models that almost NOBODY knows about…compiled by a 14-year, rare study of the most “ripped” athletes on earth.
  • Why certain group exercise classes and athletic activities are not effective fat burners (if you’re taking classes and not seeing results, you need to know this!).
  • The three critical factors that determine whether you’ll lose muscle while dieting and how the slightest nutritional “alteration” can guarantee you keep every ounce of precious lean body mass while you’re dieting.
  • A quick test to determine your true ideal weight (and it’s NOT Body mass index!)
  • Why some people always seem to gain back, the fat they’ve lost and how to GUARANTEE you keep it off for good.
  • The single most important thing you must do before you even set foot in a gym or start any fat loss program…(it’s more important than any diet, training routine, supplement, or drug known to mankind!)
  • 7 strategies to make sure your body never goes into “starvation mode” and the one thing you must do immediately if you suspect it’s already happened to you.
  • What to do when you’ve tried everything and the stubborn fat still won’t come off (this is one of the little-known tactics bodybuilders and fitness models use in the final weeks before competitions).
  • Why you’ll never get the whole truth about supplements from any magazine (Even if they wanted to tell you, this is why they CAN’T).
  • Secrets of meal frequency and timing that will amplify your body’s natural rate of calorie-burning (There’s a lot more to it than just eating small, frequent meals).
  • How to get your body burning fat around the clockeven while you’re sleeping!
  • The “disregarded” nutrient that can instantly boost your muscle contractile strength by 10-15%, increase your capacity for prolonged aerobic exercise by an average of 25% and stimulate your cellular machinery to burn fat for fuel more efficiently.
  • Why this “almost magical” combination of three types of food will boost your metabolism for maximum fat loss, increase lean body mass and send your energy levels skyrocketing!
  • Why you will almost ALWAYS fail to keep the fat off permanently if you use a conventional low carbohydrate diet, If you’ve failed on low-carb diets before (especially diets that put you in ketosis), this is the reason why!
  • How a “unique new spin” on the old low-carb diet can increase your rate of fat loss to the maximum possible without muscle loss or metabolic retrograde.
  • The truth about how much cardio you REALLY need to lose body fat and when you should do it for maximum impact.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about weight training for fat loss…including detailed answers to the 27 most frequently asked questions
  • Not one, but five strength training programs designed to fit your schedule and experience level, plus a “conservative” routine for “time-crunched” people who can’t train as often as they’d like to… YOU pick the routine you want; its all diagramed for you day by day.
  • Fat-slashing cardio routines so effective that when you finish a 30-minute session, you can say “I am now leaner than I was a half hour ago!” (Yes, it works THAT quickly! You get results after every workout!)
  • The psychology of permanent fat loss. Goal setting and motivation tactics that program your subconscious mind for massive success. Follow this “secret mental training formula” and you’ll be practically “hypnotized” into eating properly and working out consistently… Just imagine…no more “willpower” required! (these are the same techniques that NFL, NBA, MLB and Olympic champions pay sports psychologists hundreds of dollars an hour to learn).
  • The psychological reason why most people sabotage themselves…just when their diets are beginning to work…and how to make sure this never happens to you! And believe me… This is just the beginning! The “Kreate Fitness Program” is so much more than just a program; it’s a complete system for sure-fire success, possibly the most effective and comprehensive exercise and nutrition system for fat loss ever developed! No hype, no lies, no gimmicks… Just the FACTS you need to know to get lean NOW.

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