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Phone Coaching


Over the last several years there have been numerous studies conducted on the services of phone fitness coaching. All studies show that phone coaching greatly increases the probability of success. One study shows that it can increase success as much as 4400%.

In as little as 30 minutes per week, I can guide and motivate you to continue or start your journey. Phone coaching will also allow you the opportunity to ask questions and for me to truly hold you accountable. Combining phone consulting with online training is also ideal.

First Consultation: FREE for 20 minutes - This is to quickly determine what your goals are and to see if I can help. If what I provide is not the right fit, then no continual commitment is necessary. During this session, I can also determine what the next steps will be.

Phone sessions:

    30 minutes = $60
    45 minutes = $85

Retainer and Cancellation Policy:
There is a retainer fee for these services. The retainer is equal to a 45-minute session. Upon your last session, your retainer will cover the cost and there will be no further charges to you. There is a cancellation policy of 24 hours prior to your session. If you do not cancel within time frame provided, you will be charged the retainer. A new retainer will be applied to the next session, if you decide to continue.

If you can agree to these terms, you can call me at 801.374.9355 (WELL) or e-mail me at kurt@kreatefitness.com to schedule a time for first consultation. You must also complete an online questionnaire to move forward. I look forward to helping you.

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